Family Time

In this scenario of ever-increasing nuclear family culture, the most awaited moments would be that “big get-together event” .It is a time when “food holds no importance” , “a mini fashion parade takes place” , “the best of our family’s face is shown off ” and lots more…

On a serious note,it is the best stress-burster one can ever have.The joy,laughter and happiness that we get is the best remedy fa all the mental sickness from the past and it gives us a boost to check out what more tantrums that life can throw at us!! In any such occasion,there will be an ice-breaking moment where even the least spoken person turns out to be the entertainer of the day..Many such magics happen in these events..and according to me,that’s the best part..!!

Undoubtedly,children have the best time in these situations..where they actually get to know about their cousins,who’s who and the family tree..Ladies have their chit-chats and Gents get to know about the worst side of  other’s bosses or the organization that they work for. LOL 😀 that’s the truth and Gents are quite honest about it 😛 .And not to forget about the youngsters and their never-ending selfie session in these occasions 😛

Life will definitely be better after such a rejuvenating break 🙂family-reunion-games


BangalorE DayS :-*

One of my favv movie in recent times..Most importantly this is not the review of the movie..I have watched it more than 30 times as of now and I would like to share why i like it soo much,as simple as that..!!

One would easily fall in love with the city,cousins and of course the heroine of the film 😉 just by watching it once..And I don’t think any1 can resist themselves from watching it again…and again…!!

Movie revolves around relationships , mutual support and love..Wedding song of the heroine is the most played in my playlist..She dances so gracefully and happily as if the marriage is for sum1 else..And there is no exaggeration and fakeness in the movie,that is the best part i suppose..The affection between the cousins is soo lovely to watch and thats exactly how things are supposed to be..Many are lucky to have such cousins and personally, I feel soo lucky as well 🙂 Every1 can easily relate themselves with atleast 1 scene of the film..and that’s a big deal..(Y) .It helps us understand that life is not a cake walk and every1 has their share of problems..and every problem has a solution.

With support from our loved one’s , life is soo easy and beautiful..This movie made me nostalgic,laugh,confident,think and happy..all @ once..!!Kudos to the director ANJALI MENON!! 🙂maxresdefault

MagicaL MomentS <3

As the title says,the moment that i truely feel as magical is LOVE..Well,here i refer to those magical moments where love blossoms gently in an arranged marriage..

I witnessed one such in ma sissy’s engagement…The one who was telling that arranged marriage is  a “Do not talk to a stranger,but marry one” concept,one who insisted that “its impossible to fall in love with a person in a fixed time” and other such similar statements is the same who is now head over heel in love with my jiju..and the best part,its an arranged marriage 😉 

I witnessed her transformation day by day and I’m just awestruck..It was all in a matter of few months.She completely seems to be new these days..The one who used to fight with me even fa a small choci,now advises me not to eat too many chocolates..and a lot more such instances..I feel the warmth of my mother slowly descending into her..Well,this is life,I understand now..!!

And that’s what I call as “Magical Moments”..The gradual transformation of a girl into a women..The one who always bothered about her nail-polish and fashion suddenly takes up the responsibility of  a whole new family and completely adapts herself to their needs and customs..There are more such moments to come,I realize…This is just the beginning..And someday I ll be in a similar situation as well,but then my sissy would’nt feel the way as i feel now..And now , I understand why my mom always just smiled without uttering a word whenever we discussed about the arranged marriage concept earlier….After all,change is inevitable..And every Change brings a New Beginning..!!indian-wedding

Modern Day Woman..!!

Being a Woman is the most complicated thing,i would say..To put up with the latest fashion till satisfying the family’s needs…the demands get only higher..

The questions that I often encounter is,”why dont you wear jeans??, why dont you wear modern outfits?? ,why dont you attend parties?? ,and why do you always insist to go home by 6??”!!!…

Well,According to majority of the today’s youth,Modernity literally means doing all those which is mentioned above….Now the big question is…What is Modernity??  

Being modern in thoughts is wat I call as Modernity..just because u dress according to the latest trend does’nt imply that u r modern if ur thoughts are crooked…and just because u are not fashionably dressed mean that u are a narrow minded person(“Kenathu thavala”,to be more precise in Tamil).For instance lets take an example of the typical expectations from the groom by the girl…”Well-settled,good pay,handsome etc etc and not to forget the age criteria,where it is said that the groom should be elder to the bride atleast by an year”…And my ques here is “y should always the groom earn more than the girl or wat is the big deal if the girl is more educated than the boy..??”And the age factor,to my knowledge,is because since,by nature girls are more matured than boys,a girl of 23 years would be more matured n thoughts than a guy of the same age..hence to balance that indifference only,generally it is said that an age difference of atleast 1 year is must between the bride and the groom..Back to the actual topic,they say that the groom should earn more else there might be ego clashes later..Oh..!!God!!Is this modernity??Is this civilization?!!Noo..!!I thought today’s guys were soo different from the older generations..If that’s the case,then y would there be ego to a guy if his better half earns more??After all,a girl never feels that way when her husband earns more,she only feels proud instead..This s where Maturity gets in..This is where Modernity comes..Without getting onself enlightened about all these,one cannot brand them as “BEING MODERN”..And I strongly feel,without broadening our minds right from these basic concepts there is no development..And today’s girls,also need a major upliftment as to wat is modernity and wat is not!!!..

And to those questions which is put towards me,I cannot wear clothes in which i dont feel comfortable,just because those are the modern one’s.And i cannot let my parents worried about my whereabouts or hang out without any time constraints just to fit into any popular gangs..Because I am different.I am Modern.I know my limits and responsibilities and i cannot bluff to my family to fit into that temporary “popular” gang,because they will never be in my life all along..My family will..And thats where my priority is…!!141620-stock-photo-human-being-woman-child-sky-blue-vacation-travel

FirsT BloG :D

My First ever blog,and this has taken 3 months and 16 days to get started…Range of thoughts from “wat if i get lost in the blogger’s world?!!” till “wat if i get super-addictive of blogging?!!” crossed my mind all these days,especially a lot in the past1 hour…I know that sounds funny,but common this s my blog yaar..Am allowed to post whateve comes to  my mind rite?!! 😛 My sincere thanks to Mrs.Divya Kumar,a freelance writer whose “TODDLER TALK” column every tuesday n Metroplus has been my favourite and also a source of inspiration to create my own blog _/\_..If u ever c this kindly know that me,my sissy and my mom are ur great fans Mam..:D ..As of now my first blog is done,SUCCESSFULLY 😀 ..Will catch up soon with more interesting topics..url